Disaster & Emergency Management

The best amongst you is the one who helps others

As a risk-prone country with more people living in high-risk areas than ever before, PAKISTAN is increasingly important to proactively address natural and man-made hazards and the cumulative risks they pose at different spatial and temporal scales. Disaster is a word that brings thousands of dangerous thoughts to mind. It reminds us of the unfortunate timing of the deadly earthquake in 2005 that hit the northern regions of Pakistan, killing thousands and leaving millions homeless. Even in 2010 & recently in 2022, a severe flood washed away a huge part of Pakistan. Occasional terrorist incidents, accidents and other disasters have also played a key role in increasing human suffering in Pakistan. In conflicts and disasters, children are the first and suffer the most. During emergencies and humanitarian situations, children are particularly vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and violence. Children living in conflict zones are worst off – they are more likely to live in extreme poverty

The chaos and uncertainty of war threatens or destroys access to food, shelter, social support and health care, and leads to increased vulnerability of communities, especially children. The Rehmat Ali Foundation also works to strengthen the links between humanitarian action and development work. Dedicated to its service to humanity, Rehmat Ali Foundation Pakistan works tirelessly in the field of disaster management and our contributions during floods, earthquakes and other calamities are a badge of honor for the team.


1. Relief
2. Rescue
3. Rehabilitation
4. Risk Reduction Awareness
5. Water Treatment Plant
6. Rescue Equipments
7. Transportation Costs
8. Shelter Tents programs
9. Food Drives

To help Community, Rehmat Ali Foundation is working in different programs

Sponsor Water Purification Tablet

Sponsor Water Treatment Plant

Sponsor First Aids Kit

Sponsor Water Mineral

Sponsor Rescue Equipment

Sponsor Tent

Sponsor Transportation Costs

Sponsor Shelter Tents Programs

Sponsor Tarpaulin

Sponsor Food Package