Community Service

The best amongst you is the one who helps others

There are millions of people who sleep without food, live without treatment, drink contaminated water and spend days below the poverty line. They are dejected and neglected at all levels, which has resulted in a poor HDI (Human Development Index). For a year now, Pakistan has been struggling with all sorts of social problems, from poverty to civic ignorance and lack of basic life options. People are facing serious health and economic problems.

Rehmat Ali Foundation has a vision of a safe, educated and healthy community. Al-Rehmat works on the mission of a harmonious community with good health, education, awareness and a responsible attitude towards the overall progress of the country. Al-Rehmat Community Services addresses the suffering of poverty, disability and incarceration through its various initiatives.


1: Rehmat Ali Dasterkhwan
2: Ration Distribution Program
3: Dewar-e-Meharban Program
4: Ramadan Package
5: Food Package Drive
6: Community Sehar & Iftar program
7: Shelter Home Program
8: Eid Gift Program
9: Christmas & Diwali Gifts
10: Prisoners Welfare
11: Qurbani Meat program
12: Wheel Chairs
13: Mosque Constructions
14: Warm Clothes Program
15: Dowry Program
16: Income Support Program
17: Old Homes Construction
18: Graveyard Services (Burial of Dead Bodies)

To help Community, Rehmat Ali Foundation is working in different programs

Sponsor A Shelter

Sponsor A Warm Cloths

Sponsor Food Packet

Sponsor Help To The Needy

Sponsor An Iftar

Sponsor Ramadan Package

Sponsor Ration

Sponsor Winter Package

Sponsor Dasterkhwan

Dewar-e-Meharban Program

Eid Gift Program

Sponsor Christmas Gift

Sponsor Diwali Gifts

Sponsor Prisoners Welfare

Sponsor Qurbani Meat program

Wheel Chairs

Sponsor Mosque Constructions

Sponsor Dowry Program

Sponsor Old Homes Construction

Sponsor Graveyard Services