All praise is due to Allah (SWT) who says: “Whoever saves a life, it is as if he saves all mankind” (Quran 5:32).

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about whom Allah (SWT) said: “We have sent you only as a mercy to all creation”. (Quran: 21:32)

Everyone wants to be happy in life. We all want to live a perfect life. We want that great job or successful business. We want to have great children. We want friends who will be there for us rain or shine. We want to have all the material things that life has to offer and all our problems will just disappear. Desires are unlimited, but you have to choose the right way to get them and satisfy them. Children are the future of the nation and 4.2 million orphans across Pakistan are deprived of even basic facilities. They are without food, shelter, clothing and care. Close your eyes and perceive your children. Do you see your children instead of them? Never.

So I decided to protect, educate and empower ORPHANS to get as our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “I and the person who cares for and cares for an orphan will be in Paradise like this (Putting his index and middle fingers together).” Sahih Al-Bukhari; Book-78, Hadith-36).

So come with me to build an Orphanage that will educate them using state of the art equipment. Our vision is to transform the lives of orphans and communities.

One last thing, these years have been like no other. While humanity as a whole is going through the worst crisis of the modern era, the responsibility of leading value-based humanitarian organizations has multiplied many times over. This responsibility also includes sharing values, commonalities, wisdom, knowledge and experience in crisis management. Thanks to our donors, nonprofit partners, and most importantly, our volunteers, we have delivered what our community truly needed and crystallized how we will move forward. Our strategic plan defines what we stand for and what we know we can change through our leadership, our passion for volunteerism and our philanthropy partnerships and outreach across the region.

May Allah (SWT) empower us to do something that impacts humanity!