Clean Water

Safe water, toilets and good hygiene keep children alive and healthy

Pakistan is on its way to becoming a water-scarce country, as it is already ranked 30th among the most water-scarce countries in the world. Safe drinking water is one of the most immediate and fundamental problems of Pakistan, which requires urgent action to solve it. The Al-Rehmat Clean Water Program takes all possible measures according to the needs of water-scarce regions to realize its mission.


1. Community Hand Pump Project
2. Water Well Project
3. Submersible Pump Project
4. Solar Submersible Pump
5. Gravity Flow Scheme
6. Filtration Plant Project
7. Hygiene Kit program
8. Construction of Toilets

To help Community, Rehmat Ali Foundation is working in different programs

Sponsor Community Hand Pump

Sponsor Water Well

Sponsor Submersible Pump

Sponsor Solar Submersible Pump

Sponsor Gravity Flow Scheme

Sponsor Filtration Plant

Sponsor Dispenser

Construction of Toilets

Sponsor Mineral Water